Social Media

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 13:49 -- cfriese

My social media isn’t instagram, snapchat, or twitter

because there’s nothing social about any of them.

They aren’t real.

You can be whoever you want showing

the best angles,

the best food,

the best adventures.

It’s easy to pretend you’re someone else

and cover up the parts of you that make you human.

My social media is real-life conversations,

face-to-face interactions between human beings.

It’s the drunken conversations with a perfect stranger

while laying on a trampoline looking at the stars.

It’s the raw talks about big ideas at 3am

when you’re too stoned to have a filter.

It’s the long drives with an old friend while blasting music

and screaming lyrics until your lungs feel like they’ll collapse.

It’s the smiles on the top of a mountain

and early morning beach trip to watch the sunrise.

My social media isn’t perfect

because without her I still feel lonely.

I know that whenever I’m down, I can go outside,

have an adventure with friends and my social media will cheer me up.

People would be happier if they put down their phones

and tried social media how it was supposed to exist.


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