Social Media

The Netflix letters are red

Twitter is blue

I had a phone problem, yes its true 

But then I looked up, not on Google you see

No I looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of me

My phone in my hands

Its bright screen all a glow

Circles under my eyes

From the late night before

I gasped at the girl who stood in the mirror

Over taken I was with shock and fear

I then locked my phone and on the table it went

As I looked to the door and saw light shining in

I smiled with joy at the warmth of the sun

Then rushed to the glass in search of fun

My eyes glazed the land that lay out in front

And my friends called my name to join them in life

So I pushed past the door and embraced the light

As I took one step outside I heard a beep

Then turned around to sneak a peek

At the notification that popped up on my phone

But I shrugged my shoulders and walked out of my home

I will not lie and say I have fasted

From the social media craze that has lasted

I can though asure I no longer tire

From the social media cell phone desire

So thank you to all my family and friends

For showing me how my life depends

More on the physical being of things

Rather than instrgam likes and retweets

I ask you binge watchers and tumblr accounts

To take a split second and think about

The digital world that festers on your phone

And the life you live and call your own

This poem is about: 
Our world


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