My life is complete when leaves start to fall.

I don't know what I'd do without that black and white ball.

It is soccer I love. It is soccer I adore.

It is soccer my heart is passionate for.

When my ball finds the back of a net,

there's a feeling inside I cannot forget.

A feeling of triumph, a feeling of victory,

a feeling that is very special to me.

Words are too complex, and gestures too broad

to explain emotions that are so odd.

When I think about soccer, I think about my team.

About how much I love them, about how much they mean

to me, we are sisters connected for life.

They are fellow soldiers and by my side they will fight

because I have their back and they will always have mine.

We are a family of different blood line.

Soccer is more than a sport, it's a passion.

A world without it would be ashen.

It would be dark and full of despair,

if my beloved sport did not exist there.



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