Sober Thoughts

Sober Thoughts,
You're just wasting my time.
Grab the bottle,
It was in the back of your mind.
In the darkened place,
Where I always hide.
Drown it out,
A waveless tide.

Sober Thoughts,
Just a wicked whisper.
Admit it, admit it,
You know that you love her
Drown it out,
A waveless tide.
This darkened place,
In the back of my mind.

Sober Thoughts,
You know you must.
Hang up your dreams,
In this world of predjudice.
Say what you mean..
No, maybe it's lust.
These Sober Thoughts,
They'll just break out in fuss.

Sober Thoughts,
I can't take that place.
The back of my mind,
Full of wrongful grace.
Drowning in out,
Just put on the mask.
These sober thoughts,
They're a phase, an act.
And maybe this time,
It'll do the trick.
Nothing will change..
Down another sip.

Sober Thoughts,
I'm just wasting my time.
Grab the bottle,
Drown out what's in mind.
Behind the mask, where I hide.
Just drown it out, a waveless tide.


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