Soaring Beyond Histories Greatest Poets


United States
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The fresh breze of the sea its breathtaking like a lonely quest of hoping with belief like a key to the treasure that's a missing piece from the heart within my soul of pure poetry that's truly extraordinary holding a sword of justice following the path of god to the heavens that awaits.

My journey just beginning like a never ending nonstop feeling of adventure to be a legendary poet of truth with so much honor of honesty. Make'em believe in the glorious world we live in. I hope to find the true beauty I seek that's really special to me the girl of my dreams. I know shes not that far her beauty shines like the stars of the moonlight.

Ready or not cause your heroes here to fight off the disease like a miracle that feels so clear with the sun shining so bright down on me for the most epic and thrilling quest to be the greatest of the best that are truly histories most amazing poet of all time like the clouds of the blue sky's I will soar like an eagle and go beyond I'm gonna make those famous poets proud.


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