So, Who am I?

i don't know who I am,

But i am not ordinary;

     I am orignally unique.

i am not a geek.

     But, I am an intelligent freak.

              So to speak,

     I am passively aggressive. 

i am not for being retrogressive,

   Some say that I am usually "dolled",

     When I am only just beautifully flawed.

When i am not overly outspoken in it,

     I am deeply humble and passionate.

     I am often gently courageous;

Since i am not for being outrageous.

     I have learned to be patiently observant

         in order to be a better servant.

         As the Lord filters me from what

i am not,

         And magnifies the strengths that I got.

     So, I say that I am a only a flower,

         That is developing under His high power.

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