So Tired

Sat, 11/15/2014 - 14:22 -- Loi-Boy


They want me to look the other way
But I will never learn that way. 
When they see my skin is brown 
they wanna see me back down. 
Why won't they see that, 
I am legal?
And like the free blacks 
I still wanna help my people. 
I can't believe that 
my own land is evil. 
Killin kind people. 
When will they see 
that we all equal?
It's a damn shame 
cuz we bleed the same. 
Different veins,
But we still feel the same pain.
Everybody's sayin that, 
"they takin our jobs." 
Hang your heads down,
See cartels takin lives. 
There shouldn't be 
Little kids trying to survive,
The cold hard streets
Or the wars outside. 
Everybody's hungry
They never had a full tummy
And because of that
We think they livin bummy. 
We all keep forgetting 
That we're human nature. 
Don't judge the color
But the content of the character. 
It seems that 
We can never
come together. 
We can't help a fellow man
get out of the bad weather. 
We can't seem 
to make things better.
We're all too focused
On makin this cheddar. 
Cuz it runs our lives
And that's a damn shame. 
Killin each other 
To make a name. 
Man I'm so tired. 


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