So sorry to do this to you


The questions we ask you we expect to hear no answer

All that we see is you and your image spreads like cancer

The way our children bend over to mimic your presence

All our thoughts prove to be useless as you represent us

Sickened is my right hand that claps along with my friends


Can we have a break? please let this finally be the end

Awaken your brothers and sisters, let them not mislead others

Next in line our sons and daughters, to further muddy the waters 


Kicking the can to a hopeful four hundred years from now

Instead of putting down our chins and picking up the plow 

Lies I have heard, telling me be behave like them

Lies I have believed, that I am nothing like them


Your self-image, your broken smile, is all our fault

Our teaching lead you to believe that this was beauty

Unleash my lies back to me, and please forgive me when I cry

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