So Much Depends Upon


So much depends upon

A kiss

For so many feelings

For so many experiences


Because of a kiss

Love can

Bloom for two people

Could spark into more


So much depends upon

A kiss

Relationships can be renewed

They can be reassured


Because of a kiss

A mother

Comforts her frightened child

Family will bond together


So much depends upon

A kiss

From mother to father

From brother to sister


Because of a kiss

Trust builds

Bonds will be made

Time will be together


Do much depends upon

The kiss

To let you know

I will love you


Because of the kiss

I know

You will love me



So Much depends upon

A kiss



My Parents make me flawless in the teachings they have given me. The power of singular actions, such as kissing, make me flawless because such actions have paved my past for better or for worse and make me who I am. Watching my parents set a flawless example for me on what love is and can be makes a flawless fairytale reachable. Trailing that condifence through my life makes me flawless. 

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