So many thoughts

So many thoughts
Running through my mind
Wondering how I can make that dude
But you know what?
That dude aint deserve a girl like
Bird brain fool dude, you a collision,
Seductions, with you wild imagination.
You aren’t gettin in between these thighs.
You foolish talk insecure dude.
Trash talk You a radical boy.
Bragging isn’t a good trait.
You belong in a circus
You all for show.
Hum, bet you didn’t know .
Talk about the female
Can you tell me why?
You interruptible, delusional
Living in your miserable life.
Wanna bad chick somebody
That’s going to give you the business that going to be all in your face.
You most have fell on your face.
Your still a corruptible foolish
Little boy, you need a doctor.
You sound kind of sick.
Didn’t your mother treat you better than that?
Just to let you know,
You didn’t deserve a girl like me in the
first place.
Better yet dude, I’m praying for you.


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