So many tears


So many tears fallen, empty ducts approaching dehydration. An outpouring of emotion exceding any and all of a nations expectations. An unexplainable evil uniting such an amazingly diverse people. Compassion and prayer filling building after building and from basement to steeple. Feeble minds passing judgement on a few the lord has chosen. Using perversly twisted words misinterpreted from the bible unbelievably spoken. Gods fallen young, though his angels soon to be. I can't help but think of my own younging rounding the end of his age 3. I hug him tightly wishing so many parents could still do the same. Yet unable to do so do to one of this worlds psychoaticly insane. Perhaps for fame its a shame that we'll never know. Why in the blink of an eye and the flick of a an ironic safety switch the world was filled with so much woe. So many speculative scenarios meshed with conspired theories birthed from something so outwardly evil. So many praying to the very same lord they had fought so unjustly against to fortify his upheavel. From the very schools that now all are asking for the lords return. Perhaps a reminder that in a place of teaching knowledge academics aren't all that should be learned. For just as when the towers fell unity was reborn and religion for most was no longer an issue. For this day every parent ran to their childs warm embrace thinking thank you lord, jehovah, jah, allah, and whispered -I missed you.


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