"So lets play Fifa?"

Dear friend.

will I ever another find another you?  
I came-thru with a puff of curls, blue short-shorts with a pretentious groove --but you didn't mind because you knew these cylinder walls had their wear and tear, and my drooge attitude was just to keep you aware-- we use to play music and study together and now were spilling money into our college love affair, chasing women among hot air-- just to share our headache stories the next morning-- but when I think of how we've grown, I think of clouds and how we could conquer the world-- we burnt our skin with the rays of the sun that summer like we were writing love letters to the moon, and the lint that we gathered on our clothes were stories of where we'll go-- and where we've been. 
You never missed an opportunity to boast about me like your favorite story everyone knew about me, I know we're growing and I know we're expanding, but when we are laid to rest I'll make sure the earth knows. 
I'll make sure the earth knows of the boy she now holds, my best friend. Our moments and memories
will fade but I'll pay you back with my stardust and aura and with my last bit of energy I'll sway the trees, pound the snow, and  turn rivers into cascades orchestrating a melody in your name-- a everlasting fame-- and  you will be the last thing that is forgotten.
sincerely, your friend. 


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