So This Is It

The rich smell of coffee lingers my senses,

captivating my breathing, leaving me almost breathless.

I close my eyes to let the aroma fill my lungs with pure bliss.

I'm anxious, yet, I know it will close my heart's abyss.

It's calling my name, pulling me into it's lair.

My desire for its warmth and comfort is too much to bear.

Without asking, my hand reaches over to grab it, gliding through the cold air;


My fingers shoot out, straightening as I quickly retreat my hand

Blisters start to form on my hand, the redness of my skin starts to expand.

I submerge my hand under running cool water,

Why did this happen, how could I still be my father’s daughter?

I shut the faucet off, and I face the countertop where the coffee stands;

The steam rolls off of the cup, just like tea from the United Kingdom’s mainlands.

The pain in my hand becomes numb as I inhale sweet fragrance once more.

I decide to give it another try and open war’s door

I carefully lift the cup to my mouth, I can feel the heat radiating to my bottom lip.

I blow cool air into the cup for a moment, then I proceed to take the sip.

My heart beats faster and faster as I tilt the cup upwards.


I set the cup down with a disgusted face.

No flavor, no sweetness, no nothing…

The bitterness of the coffee left a dirty taste in my mouth.

I open the refrigerator and grab a box of almond milk

I pour the milk in the coffee

And the flavors dance together as they intermingle.

I sprinkle  sugar into the cup, and the crystals splash lightly to the touch.

I stir the flavors, and the colors combine into one.

I sit back and wait till the coffee cools down

Yet, the aroma remains the same.

I grab the cup and put it to my lips once more and I take a drink,


So this is it.



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