So I'm Not

I’m upset

But no one can know why I’m upset, so I’m not

Get it?

Something clatters to the floor

Small and metal

We’ll call it my phone

Because if you knew what I was really doing you’d be disappointed

So I was texting

Someone who you don’t know and never will now

So I wasn’t texting

I was playing Flappy Bird

And my phone fell because I threw it in anger

But not at the game

At someone you don’t know and can’t know because he should be in prison but he’s not because no one can know why I’m upset

So I’m not mad at him

I’m not mad at the many hims who should be in jail but aren’t

I’m mad at myself for doing the thing I knew you’d be disappointed in and I promised I wouldn’t

So I’m not mad at myself

I’m mad at my school and the homework that I can’t do because I’m busy doing other things

But those things aren’t great so I’m not mad at school

I’m mad at life for giving me all these things I’d love to tell you but can’t


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