So I cheated on You


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I did not sleep on the couch because I was angry –
Because I wasn’t.
I did not sleep on the couch because I couldn’t make it to my bed –
Because I could.
I did not sleep on the couch because there was a spider in my room –
Because there wasn’t.

And I won’t be.
And I can.
And there won’t be.

I slept on the couch because it doesn’t know me –
Like my bed.
It does not know when I cry –
Like my pillows.
Or what I dream of –
Like my sheets.
It does not know I am afraid of the dark –
Like my headboard.

My couch is a stranger.
Its a wiling stranger with no weapons to judge.
I didn’t mean to abandon my bed.
But there are only so many strangers before everyone knows –

Infidelity is a unforgiving word –
So don’t string those letters together.

You know me
When I cry
What I dream of
You know I am afraid of the dark.

There is nothing more to know –
Thank you for loving me.
But now I need a stranger.



I was a little confused when I started reading the poem but I began to understand as I finished it. I really like where you came from and you used a lot of personification, that made the poem pretty interesting. I love the ending "There is nothing more to know –Thank you for loving me.But now I need a stranger." Nice job ! =)

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