SO elated


United States

I feel unending joy
I feel feelings that were pending
Rejoice trending
I landed my first job
It was a job at first I didn’t get
But extra help was needed
Now I have experience to my much short resume
It starts Saturday and goes to Sunday
Those are the days I shall work
I am almost in tears
I thought I would be jobless
Always hopeless
An always failure
Now I turned it around by a simple email
It is the best feeling in the world
It feels like a dream still
From some far off world
I pinch myself
Nope this is real
I pick my uniform up tomorrow
I fill the papers out too
Then it is as good as gold
I am a success
I am bold
I am not a failure
I am so elated I feel like screaming and praying my thanks to God and Jesus above
Thank you for a job
Even if it’s short
And in a month I will need to find another job
Until next fall
But it’s a deal I can live with
I will not go down the waterfall
Back to the beginning
Where I was hopeless
And feeling like a failure


Stormie Shadle

Copyright: Photo by Stormie Shadle

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