Snowy Angel


United States
33° 48' 14.0004" N, 117° 46' 21.072" W

White angel of the calm night,
Your elegance truly shines so bright,
A white speckale falls on your porcelian skin,
As it touched sending a echo that cleanses all sins,
The cold morning air brushes against your dress,
Wanting to be closer and put to rest,
Your smooth hands move silently by,
As you wave at the white lily's signaling your goodbye,
As the white snowflakes descend up the ground,
Your no were to be seen or found,
The trees turn white,
And a travler looks at such a site,
You kiss me on the cheek
Saying is this what you seek?
Your voice softly say's,
'I'm a angel of the night
I shall await your return on heavens next moonlight'


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