Mon, 11/26/2018 - 13:51 -- ngopes


I finally got my snowman tightly packed

with a pile of snow, no bigger than a bunny rabbit,

for my daughter of 3 in the front yard.


It wears  a pink hat 

made of goody bag and paper plate.

Wrap around his neck is a old blue tie

That reminds me of my late grandpa.

The baby carrot sits in the middle of the head for a nose

and the lips part with a row of colorful play-doh beads.

The two dry twigs arms stick out

From the middle section of its body and 

Its eyes are a set of black coat buttons.


That evening , I hear  my daughter running 

through the fresh snow

Screaming in excitement, towards me.

I try to capture the moment of happiness

it has instilled in  her heart.



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