Snow Falling Past the Lamppost

Thu, 09/05/2013 - 01:00 -- Poto97

In the darkness of the night,

A chill flies with the wind.

It's winter where the snow has its flight.

The grandfather clock chimes twelve.


I can still see those magical drifts

Of snow floating down

From the heavens as I delve

Into another hour

Watching the snow in the light

Of that lamp post illuminating

Every flake retiring

Past my window.


They pause in mid-air

While the wind takes a break.

They start to flare

As it blows harder still

Until it altogether stops

And the flakes are only left

With the gravity of earth.


The black clouds are quickly emptied

And there is no more snow.

I lay down to fall asleep

But I can't

This is when I am most lonely

I have no other comfort

Than those snowflakes

Drifting past my windowsill

To help me through

That freezing night in winter.


I can still remember

That peaceful feeling

When my soul flew free

Floating and falling

With the rhythm of those snowflakes

Falling past the lamppost.


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