Snoopy, Flowers, Cheetahs, and Me

Snoopy came first, 

Comforting me in my crib.

Snoopy was the best,

Dancing on my walls.

Snoopy was my room from ages one to four. 


Flowers came next, 

Pink, blue, green, and purple.

Flowers lined my bed,

Which matched my piggy bank. 

Flowers were my room from ages five to ten.


Cheetah then followed, 

Not even my choice.

Cousin gave me her patterned lamp,

Which I figured was better than before. 

Cheetah was my room from ages eleven to fifteen.


After years came Me:

Blue, swirly patterns,

Mixed with brown and white.

All I ever wanted was Me. 

I make my room the way I want from now on. 


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