Sneedville, Tennessee

My mom was born and raised in Sneedville, Tennessee.
She was very special and I loved her and she loved me.
She was born in an ambulance that was parked on the side of the road.
Everybody always loved Mom because she had a personality that glowed.
She grew up in a town that was once called Greasy Rock.
But it was renamed Sneedville and it's located in a county that's called Hancock.
The town was renamed after a Knoxville attorney who was named William Henry Sneed.
Some people sued to stop Sneedville's creation but William disagreed.
He stopped them when they tried to block Sneedville's creation.
Nearly 1,400 people live there, that's its current population.
Sadly, William Henry Sneed died at the age of fifty-seven in 1869.
Many paid their last respects to my parents and that was kind.
Mom and Dad returned to Sneedville and lived there for the last two years of their lives.
When Mom died on March the 6th, it felt like I'd been stabbed by a hundred knives.
Everybody who knows me, knows what my mom meant to me.
She and Dad always loved the town of Sneedville in Tennessee.

(Dedicated to Agnes Johnson and everybody else who lives/lived in Sneedville.)


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