Fri, 09/27/2013 - 00:37 -- LogenH


My heart beats faster than the speed of light

Tears stream down my face, my body shakes

I tried to hold on to my mind and life so tight

Giving into my mind; a living Hell, a pool of despondency, a lake

Standing here, ready to jump, I don't give it a second thought

To think my life is in the hands of a rope, it coils around my neck, snug, holding me close

I refuse to waste away here and let myself rot

Glancing down, my wrists appear, the scars tell that the past was real

Marks pink, the color of a rose

"DO IT! DO IT!" My mind screams

My life flashes before me, childhood, rape, the bullying, everything

Grimacing, every memory is full of pain it seems

The world is cruel, everyone pretends they are something

Sighing, I know this is my final breath at last

Looking down, I jump, fall



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