Smooth Jazz and Sweet Liquor

I wake up looking at reflections of yesterdays stress dried on the corners of my mouth and my undying ambition trapped in the tangled stranded nest on top of my cranial


find my balance in an icy warm shower.

Outer animosity seeps in through my widened pores poured deeper into my poor perception of waking up without the sunlight to greet me.

I entreat myself with ritualistic reminders of each goal checking itself from the list of lists to list off

And yes, I drink coffee

But not to stay awake.

Guided by my sense of touch I find lace and cotton to fix my gentle situation and I’m halfway to another day when he whispers “Baby, come cuddle”

But I’m running late and theres nothing to eat and the back seat of my car has to be freezing and

frozen in time he grabs my arm and I’m free to be free. For just a second.

I follow the instructions that his body heat has given me and curl into his embraced will power.

I’m enchanted by the Son that does greet me in the morning.

Anxiously I lose track of time and my legs are warm with my furry companions lazy love

I’m grateful for the family that sleeps with me.

But its not time for sleeping and my internal rhythms kick in and drive me forcefully from comfort to cradle as I indulge in my routine complaints of leaving warmth for worry. And he worries me

“You have to.” “I know” “Have a good day at work, love”

My words stumble helplessly into my shoes and I drag the clock like an anchor to my cars radio

I calculate the odds of breaking the sound barrier and decide I’ll take a raincheck on responsibility for those 40 seconds of gravity

I am always conscious of what I’m missing but I don’t miss it so much as I

miss it

So and so I’m marching on but my tempo is lost in my temple and I’m free falling into another pitch black beginning

So the story starts and the caffeine tricks my nerves into excited frenzies

Bubbly she calls me, she begs me to stay bubbly and I resign to the trials and errors of workplace rehabilitations.

Hello my name is Pessimistic, and I’m an alcoholic

Hello my name is Alcoholic, and I’m a pessimistic

Or a pessimist

“Baby, come cuddle me” and morning wraps its sleazy grip around my neck

“You have to” “I know”

The phantom feeling of fur on my feet convinces me to step forward

“Hello, how can I help you?” help me, help you

And suddenly the sun is out,

So and so the Son is greeted by the sunlight and the stranded tangles aren’t so lost in the migration of brain power anymore

This is where I begin again

“Have a good day at work, love.”

Work, love

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My family
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