Smoke Kills

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 14:58 -- CristiF

Call my name, I’ll struggle to hear your voice.

Repeat after me:  “This is it, this is…”

Ev’ry day, I pray this is not my choice.

And if only I could, I’d make it his.


Today’s a new day, maybe she’ll be healed.

Today’s a little brighter, better, but

Still she’ll only know how horrible feels.

And when it’s passed, I’ll still be in a rut.


“Pull it!” says one half.  “Don’t!” says the other.

We need you, Mama, just one more day please!

You cannot leave me with just my brother.

We can’t choose, someone put our minds at ease!


I hear that monitor hum in my sleep—

I never want to hear that flat lined beep.


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