Smoke and Mirrors

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 15:34 -- caycarr


With the winter winds as a guide, 

I want your breath to swirl in my chest-

I need your nicotine. 

Can't you hear my ribs chiming

like chapel bells 

Each time your words form smoke rings

around my head for a halo?

(But everything fades with time.)

I want to writhe

in the worry of never seeing you again,

so let me press my mouth to you 

Once more...

and once more and once more and just one more time and once more and I swear this is the last one

Until my lips are chapped and sore:

I am yearning for eternal burns-

i won't even mind if my teeth yellow, it's your favorite color

(the same as any sentence beginning with your name)

You're such a handful

I can barely hold you between two fingers

And now my mom knows why I wear so much perfume:
You linger.

Per room

Per red sweater

Per close second I am grateful

you are never percocet.

I could only ever afforad OTCs and 99 cent lighters.

But the fire burns no more.


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