Smile for the Two Way Mirror

You stand there, watching your own reflection flicker across the cold glass, picking yourself apart.

long chocolate rivers flow down your shoulders, making your pale skin glow like moon beams under the night sky. 

Your once leaf green eyes gleam in the dulling light, slowly changing with your mood. 

You move and dress to hide the imperfections of your body unsuccessfully, like a tree hiding its branches from the winter wind. 

you watch your thoughts flash in front of your eyes as if a screen unfolded to beg for any willing participant to stay and see what hides behind the curtain. 

But that would show who you are. 

You smile proudly in your favorite rock band's shirt. 

You silently wish you could make everyone around you see you for who you really are as you hide behind a smoke screen. 

But why do that when all their judgy little eyes will do is live up to their name? 

Why risk damaging the fragile glass when you could be barricade it and protect it forever? 

Thats why we use a two way mirror. 

To watch who shouldn't be watching and protect ourselves accordingly. 


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