A Smile

The line winds and snakes just beyond the gate.

Hungry people waiting to fill their plates.

Weak and tired they wander in

Alone, hope has vanished from within.


Only having the clothes on their backs

And the few possessions held in small sacks.

Filled with uncertainty that has no cure.

Of even the next meal they cannot be sure.


No act of kindness received that day,

No one to smile or look their way.

Only wanting food and shelter for a while,

Relief from the tough life, trial after trial.


Their last meal was so small

Can anyone even recall?

Now they trudge up the stairs

And know there will be reprieve from life’s snares.


Two young girls join the mix;

Walk among the people all eyes transfixed.

Beaming their smiles, they hand out fresh towels,

Bringing joy to all those around, banishing scowls.


Such a small token lightened the mood.

Then a smile—hope for the hungry, friendship, and food.


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