I'm just an average dude in some average shoes,

and I'm writing this letter addressed strictly to you

so I really hope you're listening, paying some attention

Because there's quite a few messages that I fit in here


I just want you all to know,

When there's nowhere left to go there is hope

We've all got that little light inside, I want you to let it shine

Let it shine


Please pay attention

I'm trying to teach a lesson

It's a matter of life or death for those that deal with depression 


It's really got me stressing

It's become my obsession

So many take their own lives because their live have them fretting


Sometimes I used to wish that my body would make the same secession

I was the timid kid in the back of class afraid to ask a question 

Felt himself slipping but felt that no one else could help him

So I retreated to my shell, bounded by my discrestion 


But guess what?

I made it through and so can you

It's all just a cognitive mental issue

You just have to percieve the good things hidden within in the blues

And then you can choose to bid all of these dark clouds adieu


When you feel there's nowhere left to go, there is hope

We've all got that little light inside I want you to let it shine

Let it shine


May I ask why do you cry?

I know that life gets hard sometimes

You have to try

To smile 


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