She walks in with a smile that can light up the night

I can’t even look; it’s been too long since I’ve seen the light

I try to smile back but it’s not worth the fight

It’s too hard to pretend I’m alright


Because I was ignored, pushed away

So lost, didn’t know what to say

I should be used to feeling alone

I wasn’t worth it and I should have known


Because I’m a third wheel, hanging on

Dumped when someone else comes along

I guess I wasn’t worth her time

But when she asks I say I’m fine


Because no matter how hurt I am, she is my friend

I’ll keep it bottled up inside until the end

So finally I force myself to return her smile

I think I’ll wear this mask a while


So I wear my wooden smile as I go through my day

Parroting the words that she’d want me to say

I’m hurting and I’m burning and I’m hollow inside

But I know those are feelings that I have to hdie


It was foolish of me to believe in a friend

I always learn that lesson at the bitter end

I guess this is a scar that I’ll wear on my heart

Of all the scars there, this is a miniscule part


But I feel so lost when I’d finally felt found

I guess I’m not worth having around


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