The smile


The very smile that makes me glow

It engulfs my sorrows

Get rides of my troubles

It stimulates my happiness

And it makes me bloom


The very smile that makes my day light up

I learned to smile because of you

You always draw smile on my face

Whenever I look at your smile

Your smile is the reason I smile


The very smile that makes me a better person

For it stifles my anger

It’s motion is like the blossom of a flower

It impels, compels, and propels my happiness


The very smile that changes negative to positive

A smile that lights up a room by walking in

A device that stirs my indignation

The animation that shows my admiration

An act that improves my adoration


The very smile that makes me smile

She keeps me blooming like a blossom a flower

For it comforts the weary

Gladdens the sad

And stifles the angry man


The very smile that makes me strive to achieve success      

A starting tool of every friendship

Better of face - look

Gingers better communication

And increases affection

So smile!  Smile! Oh, smile!



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