This smile that lies on this face, to some may be a saving grace

Hope and joy wrapped up in a bundle, or the bright light at the end of a dark tunnel

Everyone that sees this face sees this smile, but they don’t know me even if they had to walk my mile

Everyone sees what was once a crooked smile straightened by braces, big and beautiful because the imperfections left no traces

But if you ask me this smile is nothing more than an accessory to my mask, simply an aid to my masquerade and deceptive task

If you ask me I will always say I’m fine, because I know that when I flash this smile it shines so bright people wouldn’t even attempt to read through the lines

Pearly whites that shine bright with warmth and love, to cloak the darkness of the past and the pain of times we dare not speak of

It acts as my shade to hide from what I refuse to feel, the lock that keeps my deepest darkest secrets from rising like an air tight seal

You think I’m so strong because you never see a frown, but it’s only because I’m submerged so deep in my sea of troubles the smile acts as my anchor and hides my weakness deep down

So no this isn’t just what seems to be a perfect smile, it’s just my form of submissiveness defined by my self-consoling style

Even though it shows bright to you it’s just my painless bite and my silent bark, it’s what puts the spotlight on me while I keep you in the dark

I’m just too proud to let it be known, but while I contemplated in silence I noticed I had grown

I can eventually learn to open up and let you in maybe I will after a short while, but until that day comes when my pride doesn’t take control I’ll continue to keep this smile


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