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Smartphones Dumbshyt
Not realizing I'm letting go everything I'll miss
Blinded by her looks, and the taste of her lips
Touching and flirting, hearing everything as you get piss
As I sit, thinking about everything I just risk
Stupid choices I make, I have to sit with
Wondering everything she heard
But travels as a bird, one word is all she needed to be sure 
Pacing back and forth, asking myself was it all worth
Don't know what to say
Afraid this might be the day, that she throws everything away 
Thoughts in my head, can I lie about this situation
Shes too smart, having proof of this true accusation 
Wishing I can wake up from this dreadful imagination
Holding your hand, making recreation of our relations
But it's to late, what's done is done
During the time its fun, but by that time my sun just runs
Trying out together the right sentence 
But destroys your life as a menace 
Don't wanna lose what we have 
But the road I chose, you end up sad
Racing to her heart, putting it all on luck 
But the expressing on her face she don't give a fuck
Whatever it takes, imma make this right
Don't wave goodbye nor leave my sight
Not enough time can make this right
Emotions on the line, detachments of my life
Wishing I can know what to do
But attentions flew, then blew the only rule you want me to live through
Hoping you can sit, believing all my stories so we can forget
All over one pocket call, my life turns quick
Can't blame smartphones, because they catch our dumb shyt
By: Futuristic Thoughts 


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