The Smallest Insanity

Every time we move away

I leave an old world behind.

And I find a new trail.

A new language.

A new world.

Maybe before, I didn't know enough to care

Or didn't care enough to know

Or didn't realize, didn't figure it out

But as long as the sky's above me, I'll learn.

So I know enough now.

I know that I've left too many old worlds behind

And I want some solid memories.

But there's nothing that I can do

About it.

Things will not happen, but one can dream.

I will be freed from the scattered fragments

Because darkness is everywhere.

And darkness is chaos. Disorder. Insanity.

But I have only a small part in it.

When you are the smallest insanity, darkness, in all its irrationality,

Is beautiful.

I stayed with it,

Hiding my allies the shadows when they could see

Positively chanting their incantations otherwise.

At one point I tried to be like them.

And I found out that it was impossible.

They have too much light for darkness to imitate.

I forgive them, though. They have souls

Just as shady as mine.

I don't know the meaning of pain,

And I hope I never will.

But conformity hurts.

The smallest insanity

Is ever-present.

That was all just another old world.

That is behind me.

We're going now.

I can't hold on to the darkness,

You think,

But darkness is everywhere.

It won't disappear.

Maybe it'll cost me dearly to hold on

And maybe I can't afford it.

But neither can I afford





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