Small Acts To Bring Love Back

This isn't just a black or white thing, this is a different city every single night thing.

Gunshots and fallen officers keep trending online. These are unspeakable acts of violence 

it keeps happening, this isn't fine.

Will people every stand together? Will love ever win? Will everyone stop and realize how badly 

this always ends?

So many voices screaming "Help! This isn't right!" but never enough action done due to denial or fright.

Say a prayer! Share a smile! Just do the right thing!

Small acts of kindness are something we all can bring.

I'm not saying it's the perfect solution to this difficult test, but it's my answer to start cleaning up 

this world's mess.

I can't tell you where the world is headed, but I feel that it isn't good.

So to change that, spread love and peace, in the small ways where we could. 

If it were up to me it would be a law to smile a least one stranger per day.

Everyone would have to compliment each other in the most genuine way.

I'd suggest doing things like holding the door for another

because it's small things like that which make us love one another.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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