Slowly Dark

My Angel,
Stop flying,
Stop searching,
Stop remembering.
What you're flying for,
Isn't worth it.
What you're searching for,
Isn't there.
What you're remembering,
Is tearing your essense apart.

My Angel,
You're so sick of flying away,
You're going to fight
Because those memories weren't nothing.
You're going to fly,
Fly to find what you lost.
You're going to search,
Search to set things right.
You're going to remember,
Remember so you won't forget.

Dark Angel
My Dark Angel,
You're don't flying,
You're done searching,
You're done remembering,
You're done fighting.

Flying only burned you.
Burned your once strong wings,
Burned your once strong emotions,
Burned your once strong essence.

Searching only provided false hope.
False hope for your once questionless mind.
False hope for your once questionless heart.
False hope for your once questionless essence.

Remembering only tore you.
Tore your once sure thoughts,
Tore your once sure motivation.
Tore your once sure essence.

Fighting finally broke you.

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