Slowly but surely, as the seasons change

Words crept into my life

As a babe, my first word was "mama"- what a multi-faceted word

Mama. Mother Nature. Watching over us, protecting us. Mother Nature. Creating life and death and beauty.

Mama. Mother, my mother. Bringing literature into my life. From Dr. Seuss to Thoreau. Mother, my mother, sparking my interest.

As a child, I learned that words held meaning. 

And slowly but surely, words crept into my life.

As a grade school child, my first essay was about a squirell.

Squirell. Wild creature. What an absolutely peculiar interest. Wild creature, roaming free about the land.

Squirell. Work of art. The animal by which I learned the importance of details. Work of art, by which I knew there was beauty in every creature, great or small.

As a grade school child, I learned that details bring exquisite images.

And slowly but surely, words crept into my life.

As a middle schooler, my first research paper spoke of genocide.

Genocide. Holocaust. A horrid event in history. Holocaust, bringing death to millions of innocent lives.

Genocide. Death. Creating a mound of pain and hurt. Death, in which words cannot always cheer up or fix the problem, but simply delay and aid the pain.

As a middle schooler, I learned that writing is not always pleasant, does not always portray fairy tales.

And slowly but surely, words crept into my life.

As a high schooler, I attended my first slam poetry session.

Poetry. Slam poetry. Bringing controversy into a new life, making it personal. Slam poetry, which eases new ideas into our lives.

Poetry. Spoken word. Introducing me to new perspectives. Spoken word, which showed me beautiful links of words, formed to inform.

And slowly but surely, words crept into my life.

Words. Words old and new. Words harmful and helpful. 

Words that can explain 

My hurt and joy

Words that cannot contain

My thoughts

Words that, with every single letter, are able to create sentences. 

Sentences- connections, communications. 

And slowly but surely, words brought meaning to my empty life.

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Our world


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