Slit Wrist Survivor

It's time to move on

Day one, the blood is gone

The scar remains, the pain's the same

But be willing to stick it through

It's a new day,

same challenge faced by a new you

Life flashed right before your eyes

Some people don't get to stop in time

It's too late, they're in their grave

But things are different for you

You're above ground, and today is new

Keep the note as a reminder

That you're a slit wrist survivor

If life wasn't fair to you, why did it let fate

keep you alive stil?

It let you see something cool

It's called tomorrow, and until you-

Gain some perspective, let your mind relax a bit

You'll realize how lucky you have it

Saying goodbye is never the cure,

you slit wrist suvivor.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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