slipping away

You snuck in and stole my heart

You made me feel wanted 

You made me feel needed

You shore light upon darkness 

I couldn’t see

You gave me love

You gave me light

But not it disappears

So slowly I don’t think you notice

But I can feel you slipping away

I can feel you pulling from me

You’re not there for me anymore

My laugh can’t heal your pain anymore

I’m grasping

I’m trying

But I need you to do the same

I need you to try

I need you to grasp

I can’t make you want me

But if I could I would

I need you to want me

I don’t know how to go on without you

Please let us survive

Please come back to me

I know I can’t make it better

But please find someone who can

Please let them help you

Find your way back to me

I want you

I need you

I’ll always choose you

Just please come back to me

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