Sleeping Beauty

In a world without magic

and a world without wonder

the princess Aurora

Fell deep into slumber


She slipped away, unnoticed

Into the deepest of sleep.

But couldn't be woken

Her soul to be reaped


She chose to sleep

and it was her own doing

but everyone wept

as the ravens were cooing


For in this world without magic

and this world with dull colors

No one could save her

from the deepest of slumbers


This sleeping beauty

Did not know the love

that her friends had for her

That peaceful young dove


She slept and she slept

as the years passed by

She wasn't forgotten

She lived in my mind


This world without magic

this world without wonder

we know only death

as the deepest of slumbers


Once upon a time,

In a world with no magic

Love was created

to make the world less tragic

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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