Sleep Sound

Sleeping comes easy to me, 

It's harder for me to stay awake.

While your eyes are restless, mine are shut tight.

Just because my beathing is heavy and have no sight, 

Doesn't mean you're not running through my

Endless thoughts.


We've had a routine, more like a rhythm to keep us going.

Our once upbeat song, now a ballad

but we're still adjusting.


I know I apologize for things that I shouldn't, 

I do it because I think maybe you wouldn't.

I can hear you sniffle into my shoulder, when I'm holding you.

Why do you fight the urge to cry?

Cry on my shoulder, I'm here by your side. 

I want you to tell me what's on your mind, 

I'm no savior but I can try.


Trying is all I can do.

Trying and fighting for you. 


Close your eyes and fall asleep,

'Cause sleeping comes easier for me. 

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