Sleep and Soul


United States
29° 36' 31.896" N, 95° 7' 58.0188" W

There are times when sleep evades me
When my troubles parade throughout my head
Not allowing me to bed
But in my dreams and ponderings
I think of time and space
But the speed of my thoughts
Sets the pace
For my imagination to erase
The problems of the day
Instead, creating stories
Which transcend my daily pace
Of following the mold
That people choose to hold
But not following this madness
I choose to be bold
Not a fickle bird
Nor a timid deer
Can cause much fear
However the tiger roar
Which can be heard forever more
Rings deep inside our souls
For passion speaks
What words cannot
And even when minds have forgot
And sleep takes what we have naught
Stays deep inside
Like etchings in the wood
Often lost and misunderstood
But always there
For us to find
When we need someone by our side


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