close your eyes

and breathe deep 

in then out

let your mind drift 

and body rest

in then out

slowness is key 

calm your mind 

just breath slowly

let the stress melt away

you dont have to worry 

it will all be okay 

you're not alone dont be dumb

just breath in and out

sincronized with your chest

rising slowly then falling back down

the sound fades to the background

rest the body but set the mind free

let it show you a way

to be free from reality

breath in slow

then let it out

focus on breathing

its going to be fine

slow down

calm your mind

think of a peaceful meadow

filled with waving lillies

picture the waves caressing the rocks

and kissing the docks

dream of the moon 

in all its glory shining

on a pack of wolves

running through the tall trees

like a close-knit family

lids getting heavy

breath evening

the body rests while the mind wanders 

breathe in then out

the key is to do it slowly

sucking in air

and attaching your stress and worries

now let it out 

relax and sink in bed

worry tomorrow

breathe for today

it wil all be okay

you're not alone

focus now

air goes in 

stress and worries are forced out

when young we fight sleep away

but when older we beg it to come

be calm and relax

rest your eyes

tomorrow is a new day

with new sights and sounds

just breathe

rest your body but let your heart soar

flapping its wings with your mind

calm your breathing 

in and out

now close your eyes 

and sleep





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