Sleep little girl, don't say a word,

daddy's going to buy you a mocking bird,

and if that mocking bird flies away,

well it just so happens you'll be okay.


Material objects will give you no joy,

nor will the fickle affections of a boy,

but once you realize you hold power,

that is when the whole world turns sour.


Strength and fierceness is deemed obsene,

but this is the 2000's and you are a queen,

theres no need for you to stay home and cook,

you should feel welcome to read a book.


Look little girl theres nothing to fear,

sexism is still rampent in this year,

you should be comforable to do what you wish,

and others that say different, you won't miss.


If you like pink or if you like blue,

if you don't like cars, or if you do,

say good bye to standards and hate,

the sooner you let go, the sooner everything will be okay.


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