Fri, 04/25/2014 - 03:42 -- LeeLee


United States
30° 3' 37.962" N, 95° 23' 0.546" W

As I lay alone in the dark,
Sleep surround me tonight.
Give me rest in your arms
Wrapped around me; hold me tight.

As you sing me lullabies,
You gently rock my bed.
Let me rest in peace,
A sleep sweeter than that of the dead.

Softly whisper in my ear,
Beautiful dreams until the day.
Chase away the nightmares,
And keep the monsters all away.

Stay with me the whole night long;
You will be just mine.
Don't ever leave me alone,
Till the sun gives you its sign.

Hold me till the moment
The sun sends its first ray of light;
Hide in the shadows during the day,
Then come again for me at night.


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