I bob restlessly, searching my brain

The deprival of sleep is causing me pain

Finding rhymes at this time when it’s more morning than night

Barely able to continue because fatigue has blurred my sight

Cannot find the subject of which to address this poem

My drowsiness allowed my mind to roam

To a picturesque land of random thoughts

Where the norm is anything your brain concocts

Where your role is determined by you

A hero, a villain, or something of the two

If I allow my eyes to rest, and let my mind retreat to this land

Would I be able to dream a dream that I demand

To close my eyes, to create a blank screen

To give my mind a canvas to paint a scene

Sometimes serene, sometimes anything but

 Keeps me in a trance that noise can’t cut

The restlessness I had, my eyes refuse to keep

I’ll let my mind retreat to the land of sleep




Vincent Shoulars



I love it.


I especially could relate to the "close my eyes, to create a blank screen" line. That was my favorite part of the poem.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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