Slave No More

Dear shame,


You’ve stained my life

Marred my heart with scars

Engulfed my mind in sorrows

A trench too steep to climb

I was a walking disaster

A clay pot shattered

My heart wept

My eyes transparent

I hid my sorrows

Behind a facade

Expressionless -

I’d mastered that art

But you didn’t know

That I wasn’t alone

My Savior arrived

and carried me to the sky

Where we waltz amongst the stars

Bathed in moonlight

The darkness still resides

But I’ve no reason to hide

I’m not afraid

Of the shadows anymore

My heart was repaired

From the mess it was before

Look me in the eyes

When I’m talking to you
You no longer own my heart

To which you can imbrue

With your bitter words

For I’ve come to learn

From what I’ve been through

You can only hurt me

As much as I let you



Your slave no more


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