Slammin' Big Yellow

I guess I can say I am normal shapped now for an american guy. Not fat, but not skinny; 

Becuase I have "love handles" with some chunk on the belly front lol 

When i was in 4th grade and 5th, there was this phase i went through. After a year in private catholic school which I hated, i begin packing weight. Which began to show the most in 4th and 5th grade. What did I do with a nieve little mind to hide this weight? Hide it, cloak it, "CURTAIN" it lol to hide the belly I had. 

This is how I began a weird bond with a big buffy yellow vest, it was like my cape to make me feel unstoppable. And it was reversible, ooooohhhh; because one side was yellow, the other was blue with a yellow stripe horizontally to chest. So anyways, I'd wear this thing from all four seasons...yes, even summer, no joke. I'd wear it almost everyday. My aunt would even take one day a week to wash it herself because I'd wear it so much without washing it lmao (so twice a week or always once a week it was washed)

I look back at this and it just jitters laughs out of me, to believe I did that because I was insecure about my weight. And the color, yellow, yuck. I dont like yellow, so I dont understand how then I embraced the bright sunny color. 

Keep in mind, I had a yellow visor to go with it lol but not always. And I later got a navy blue vest with a orange thick line horizontal to chest, and I'd wear it with a navy blue visor striped with red on the ends. (My uncle got free hats from his job, and so I rocked US Polo Assn. Visors haha) 

I'm grateful it lasted before jr high because shit I'd die. Thats when i said goodbye to this "curtain covering the belly fat accessory" as I see it. I'm no longer a fan of vests now, time and time again I see people with them; I go yeah, I'd wear that. But not fully satisfied with the thought of wearing one due to how I went through it. I was obsessed with my vest as a child, and who knows it might make me fat and force to relapse lol so no vests. (Unless maybe once for winter, but that time may not pass)

To recap, the vest gave me confidence, happiness and comfort because the fat didnt show from the cloak, therefore it didnt feel there, so I can continue with my life like there were no problems. And i do recall those being 2 fun years (because 3rd grade sucked....the stupid catholic school with strict uniform code and no AC in any of the classrooms except the principals office and the library; those assholes.)

Anywho, ah yes, me and my yellow vest. We can kiss it goodbye, thanks to puberty, muscle building, better eating, sense, exercise and awareness for a healthier lifestyle =] 




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