Slam Poem 9

he awoke to the sound of birds and she awoke to the sounds of rumpled covers and cold air and in this silent moment they were infinetly in love and infinitely together

within moments of silence they will both fully awaken and reality will put weights on their ankles and throw them into the sea and youll wonder even if just for a moment, if they call that daring sea peace because theyll turn blue in the face before they even surface and life is just that way

you wake up in a harmony of life and youre calm and relaxed

you dont care about how much cash is in your wallet or the fact that youre late for work but within seconds of realizing where you are youre thrown head first into the reality of who you are and as if by the snap of a finger you hate who you are and youre tired of the beautful face that rests before you but still you dont panic

you stay in this stressed water and you allow yourself to drown, seconds left before youre dead, before you even dare come to surface and the air. that first breath. it will fill your lungs with the beauty of the world and the gifts of life and if we could all find a way to live in euphoria, in a constant state of happiness. if we could find a way to make every second feel like the seconds we just woke up, or the de stress from the stress maybe we would have a shot.

but as humans we are so keen on pushing until we break so the anchors on your feet will hold you until youve grown so small to everyone and yourself that you can slip through the cuffs.

i didnt know that life would be so hard i guess we all missed that junie b book but im telling you now.

consider yourself warned

youre about to get there

youre about to make it

close your eyes and breathe for a second because youve got this.

wake up to the sounds of the birds and to the feeling of cold air, and when youre feeling relaxed and calm and brand new savor the moment and carry it around with you.

your life wont last forever so forget the cash and forget those new shoes

the real necessity is you so until you can find peace in yourself lets work on finding peace with everyone else

dont get tired of her face, his face, in the morning. every moment you have is a blessing. this time is a gift why do you think we call it a present

so this time

tomorrow? dont throw yourself into the waters with those weights on your feet. i know your tired so rest for awhile. youve got this. youll get it. but for now lets all stop pretending. youre hurting, and thats okay. save the problems for another day.

today. lets just breathe




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