Slam Poem 6

A beautiful walk and a sunlit beach. Movies and dinner and the soft strum of acoustic. Hands brush and you blush and you're falling in love and then it happens. 

Wanna have sex 
Your heart crumbles and you can't breathe. Every single nerve in your body is on edge and you kiss him and

Good save good choice because have respect don't have sex its just a first date and you're better then a guy who needs you to open your legs better then a girl who asks you to unbutton your pants 

So just breathe and try again there's going to be so many more dates after this and so many mistakes but you have the decision in your small little hands of which last forever and which can wait. 

Don't force it and don't just do it you're going in for a big commitment. If it doesn't feel right don't do it.
This is the one life we live, and the one thing we can all give so don't just hand it over 
Here sure whatever 
Make it count make it forever 
For better or for worse I do

Because it will happen and its okay to wait just like its okay to be scared aren't we all? so save it for someone whose gonna make it your all 
When did we as a race replace chivalry for lust its a terrible new custom that's trending the nation 
Set your standards high find the right guy find the right girl because they're there and you are here and you are waiting on each other, patiently waiting, and be able to say I'm going to give you my all. 
I can only hope one day I'll wake up and we will all be so god damn equal I'll get sick and we will all have respect for one another but that's a whole other level and half the people in the room couldn't handle that. 

So let's start small. 
Have respect for yourself and for sex because it's not a game and there's no take backs. This is just high school or this is just college there's a whole other world out there. 
It will always be okay to say no so set your standards high, love before lust 
Its that small little choice that makes a big difference in the end my friend and I wish you luck and hope and love that you'll stumble across your forever and be able to say. I wanna give you my all.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

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