A Slam on Government Shutdown

Dearest Congress,

I don't mean to sound brash but:

Are you out of your fucking mind?

You decided to play poker

With 8 million people's lives.

If this is you going all in,

I'm sorry you have to be bluffin.

You shouldn't be able to gamble

With livelihoods you didn't earn.

You've shutdown the government.


You look like morons.

The most hated congress, 

Since the start of progress,

I hope you are proud of

Those smiles you gave

As you left the conference.

8 million people will thank you

For having no conscious.


You shut down the D.O.D.

The DC Giant Panda Cam.

And while Google runs the doodle

For the 123rd anniversary of


It is unopened


Until you can stop playing like amateurs

At a political game of hot potato

No one wanting to take the blame

For making the train stop before getting in motion.


It's one thing to gamble,

With your godforsaken position,

And another thing entirely

To play with people.


It's like your addicted

To chaos and conflict.

I think you need rehab.

Maybe a campaign season of rest.

While the federal employees

Piece together the chips of their lives

That you got the chance to gamble with.


How dare you smile at the pain of American's

While you'll never live

These next few days

Of being hostages in your game.


Nice poker face.

But the table is closing.

The casino is shut down.

And sooner or later

Like any addict,

You'll need your fix.


You had one job to do.

And instead you decided to play hookey

And gamble away

8 million lifesavings.


For Shame.


All my disappointment,


A Most Unhappy Onlooker


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